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Our mission is to be a leading public service organization that:

  • Advances the dissemination of information on public administration.
  • Promotes the value of public administration and public service as a career, particularly to the Latino community.
  • Provides networking and professional development opportunities to individuals committed to public service, particularly in government institutions.
  • Fosters integrity, and excellence in public administration, in environments of collegiality and responsible stewardship.
  • Seeks innovation solutions to challenges faced by executive public administrators globally
  • Promotes responsible entrepreneurship, Human Rights and Democracy globally.
  • The Community Prosperity Partnership an alliance of community, non profits, institutions of higher education and local government in the development of seamless services for our Veterans.
  • International Education Excellence

Message From:

The President


Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you the International Association of Latino Public Administration Executives' (IALPAE) National Federal Hispanic Women’s Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Training Program (NTP).  We are pleased that you have chosen to join us for what will be a highly educational and engaging several days.

The theme for the 2015 program is Hispanic Women: Champions of Excellence Public Service. This theme aligns closely with IALPAE’s credo - commitment to excellence, equity, integrity and transparency in the delivery of public Service. This credo serves as a focus point for research and a gateway to new ideas aimed at solving Federal workforce challenges and customer service issues at the local and national levels.

The training program is an excellent opportunity for you to meet with IALPAE Associates from across the county, communicate your point of view, collaborate, share technical information, and build personal and professional relationships. As always, we extend a warm welcome to all of our colleagues in the private sector who share our interest.

The IALPAE 2015 annual training program brings together outstanding Federal executives and managers to share their professional expertise and experiences.  We urge you take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with conference instructors and fellow students in order to ensure a positive learning experience.


President and Chief Executive Officer




Membership is open to all who support the Association’s mission statement.


Please Join us for

the 2015 2nd National Federal Hispanic Women's Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Training program

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Holiday Inn Key Bridge, 

Arlington, VA

Download the 2015 Conference Agenda

President and Chief Executive Officer