Welcome to the IALPAE

Our mission is to be a leading public service organization that:

  • Advances the dissemination of information on public administration.
  • Promotes the value of public administration and public service as a career, particularly to the Latino community.
  • Provides networking and professional development opportunities to individuals committed to public service, particularly in government institutions.
  • Fosters integrity, and excellence in public administration, in environments of collegiality and responsible stewardship.
  • Seeks innovation solutions to challenges faced by executive public administrators globally
  • Promotes responsible entrepreneurship, Human Rights and Democracy globally.
IALPAE President Mr. Manuel Oliverez meets with Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs General Shinseki, and his wife.

IALPAE President Mr. Manuel Oliverez meets with Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs General Shinseki, and his wife.



Message From The President

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the International Association of Latino Public Administration Executives Annual Forum. We are delighted that you have chosen to join us for what we very much hope will be a highly educational and engaging few days.

The theme for this year's annual forum is: "Leading the President's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: Demonstrating Excellence, Equity, Integrity, and Transparency in Public Service." Our theme serves as a focus point for research and a gateway to new ideas solving Federal workforce challenges and customer service issues at the local and national levels. To do this we have a series of key topics and panel discussions.

The forum is an excellent opportunity for you to meet with IALPAE Associates from across the country, communicate your point of views, opportunity for collaboration, sharing of technical information, and the building of trust relationships. As always, we extend a warm welcome to all our colleagues in the industry who share our interest.

The IALPAE annual forum brings together outstanding executives and managers to share their expertise and experiences. Finally, for those who believe in the core values of IALPAE, Inc. we invite you to consider our membership.



IALPAE, Inc. is a 501 nonprofit professional membership organization founded in 2006. Membership is open to all who support the Association’s mission statement.


Please Join us for

The 2013 Annual Executive Leadership & Diversity Training Conference


August 27-29, 2013

Holiday Inn Key Bridge, 

Arlington, VA

Download the 2013 Conference Agenda

2013 Conference Agenda.png

Manuel Oliverez

President and Chief Executive Officer