Mr. Jose O. Marrero


Mr. Jose O. Marrero, is President and CEO  and Treasurer of the International Association of Latino Public Administration on a volunteer basis. Mr. Marrero is one of the founders of the organization. Mr. Marrero is employed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs where he is a national program manager in charge of outreach. He designed and is the manager of the Community Prosperity Partnership (CPP), a program that is widely recognized for its innovation strategies for involving all community aspects in approaching and resolving issues.

Mr. Marrero served as lead program analyst with the Department of veterans Affairs Rehabilitation R&D unit, including serving as the acting Director for Rehab &DU. As the lead analyst his responsibilities included oversight for the technology transfer functions, commercial production viability, and distribution of devices, techniques, and programs design to serve the needs of the disabled veterans community. Prior to his employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs, he served 18 years with the National Weather Service (NWS) as a meteorologist and hydrologist dealing with mitigating man made and natural disasters, serving as technical advisor to the key advisor to the President supporting Presidential Disaster Declarations and also as an additional duty managing the NWS Hispanic Employment Program